Friday, February 15, 2008

"Chain, Chain, Chain"

Oh, the Chain. An idle threat, yes, but after yesterday's little display of rebellion, I'm not sure that a chain isn't just what "Little Miss Liila" needs!

As you can see, in our reenactment photos, yesterday, during her "alone time" on the deck, Liila decided to chew her retractable leash in two, squish herself under the gate, and launch herself into the freedom of the yard.

I looked out onto the deck to follow the black cord, that starts at the pink leash handle under the chair leg and usually ends with a dog. But this time there was just a pink handle.

Wait, what?

So I ran outside and started looking for the other half. The dog half.

I got out of the door just in time to see her making her way down the back sidewalk, a portion of the leash still attached.

I yelled, she stopped.
The gig was up.

happy wishes!

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