Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Savannah Sunshine!

I LOVE Savannah!!! I LOVE the Georgia Coast!
It is a happy place filled with beauty, moss, and sunshine!!!
What better place to celebrate a 30th Birthday?!?!
It is a familiar path to and from Savannah. One that we have traveled many, many times, and yet, one that never gets old. The weather was perfect for our entire trip! The forecast threatened rain, storms, wind, but with true southern charm, we were greeted with a warm breeze, a blue sky and sunshine! For my official birthday lunch we visited my favorite tea room, The Gryphon, where I had my usual, a roasted veggie sandwich and a pot of chamomile tea! It was even better than I remembered! The chamomile is the most perfect shade of yellow and the sandwich, delicious!!!
We made our rounds and visited all of the familiar places, but the highlight, for me, was the Bonaventure Cemetery! It is the most beautiful cemetery that I have ever visited. The huge old trees, the moss, the river, the marsh, all of the old monuments and the crosses, seem to be plucked from a movie set. An awe inspiring beauty, that never seems to fade. Then again, I guess that sums up Savannah herself.
A southern beauty, of whom, you never seem to tire.

happy wishes!


  1. Samantha - I just came across your blog when I was inspired by something that made me think of you. And damnit. You came to Savannah and didn't tell me!

    Blast. Well - I know from reading that you enjoyed it, but next time - seriously - please let me know.

    I hope you have enjoyed your birthday celebration - I am looking at 30 in a matter of months, and I am very excited about it!

    Much love and continued joy in all that you do!