Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super BOWL!

I do not care about the football. Nor, do I care about the commercials. These are statements that landed me squarely in the C student category in my college marketing class...well maybe it was a B...but I doubt it. The man who experienced the "perfect haircut" in February of 1990 something, was speechless at my declaration. It was a marketing class after all... But, a fact is a fact. No matter how you cut it, I did not, and do not care about the Super Bowl. Last years was fun. I think I even ventured into "woo girl" territory, but last year was an exception to the rule. There was a bet...and we were winning! Anyways... I like the idea of the Super Bowl... But this year I am giving Super Bowl a new meaning! Check out this beautiful bowl of super goodness! This is my Super BOWL! Seven layers of yum. Nuff said.

Wishing you lots of "woos"!

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