Thursday, April 22, 2010


It starts with the faintest tint of green in the grass, or the tiniest bud on a tree and then, before you know it, the colors of a Southern spring are in full swing. From azaleas to camellias, hydrangeas to wisteria, jasmine to roses, if you can wade through the yellow pollen haze, bright beautiful colors are everywhere! I love how the color sweeps in, washing away the dreariness of winter. It's nice. It's refreshing. Beautiful blooms and blossoms have a way of making everything seem a bit brighter and more hopeful. Our first rose of the season bloomed quietly. Nestled in the middle of the dark green leaves, just out of view from the brick pathway, its blooming was much like spring itself, creeping in quietly with the tiniest bud, and then, without warning, captivating you with its beauty.

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