Monday, September 6, 2010

Makeup to Love!

I love Laura Mercier makeup!
If you knew how complicated it is for me to find a makeup that I can use on my crazy sensitive skin, then you would understand just how grand of a declaration this actually is! I have tons of allergies and very sensitive, acne, rosacea prone skin that seems to react badly to every product that promises to work on even the most sensitive skin. I wanted a makeup to look natural, but still needed full coverage to conceal blemishes, rashes and uneven skin tone. It seemed like when I found the coverage, it either caked up, turned orange, melted off throughout the day, or broke my face out worse than before. I had read wonderful things about Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer but dismissed it as something that would probably breakout my skin. Then I learned that the Laura Mercier product line was specifically formulated with my type of skin concerns in mind and decided to give it a shot. I purchased the Secret Camouflage along with the Mineral Powder SPF 15 foundation. I was amazed at how well the Secret Camouflage covered not only blemishes and sunspots, but also blotchy patches and dark circles. Even before I applied my foundation, the difference was amazing. The Mineral Powder just added to the effect. Unlike other mineral makeups I had tried, the Mineral Powder did not cake up or turn orange and it stayed perfectly intact though intense exercise and even rain storms! My skin looked smoother, my skin tone more even and my dark circles disappeared. I have been using Laura Mercier products for several months now and I am just as happy with them today, as the day I first tried them! I hate to gush, but I honestly feel this is a product line to gush about! Try it! I bet you will love it too!

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