Monday, July 2, 2012

"Every Picture Tells A Story"

I took this photo a month or so ago after a storm. I thought it was pretty. I love how the colors are so bright against the rain soaked wood and how you can still see water droplets clinging to the leaves. I posted it on Instagram and it didn't get many likes. Not that I care, but it seems strange. Sometimes I think if it isn't a picture of food or a Goyard bag my followers are not interested. That gets boring. I think photos like this tell a story. I have another one that I truly love and it was the same thing. Very few likes.

I called it "Once Upon a Time". I looked in this train car and my mind instantly jumped to MadMen. All of the train rides to and fro, that must have taken place inside this train car. I love the details that, though faded and in decay, are still proof that a time existed when life moved a little slower and was a little more organized and perhaps even more civilized. When I look at this, I see all that and more. These pictures have stories to tell. But maybe those stories are just for me. Maybe food and Goyard bags hold stories for others and I am missing out on those.

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