Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh The Horror!!! true story.
This morning my cell phone flew into the toilet.
It sank to the bottom. I shrieked. I laughed. I plunked my hand down into the cold toilet water and fished out my beloved friend.
It was only in there for a second, if even, but still!!! My cell phone was submerged in toilet water!!! Luckily, I had already flushed and had recently read an article about what to do if something like this happens... Never thinking it could ever happen to me... Wondering how it could happen to anyone... But, learning all the while.
So, here is your lesson.
If you already know it... Good for you! If you have already experienced it... I'm sorry. If you think that it could never ever happen to you... It will... So keep reading!!!
I didn't remember specifics from the article, but I did remember that you could put just a bit of rubbing alcohol on the phone to help dry up the water and also something about a hair dryer and the oven... The oven part sounded a little scary, but the alcohol I had to do anyway to disinfect the thing, so why not! Since plucking it from the depths of the bowl, I had been pushing buttons to make sure that my poor phone still had some life about it. Lucky for me, it did! The lights were bright and the buttons worked... I removed the battery! Very Important!!! Then soaked it with just enough rubbing alcohol, before enlisting the blow dryer.

So far so good! It was a little touch and go there for a while... Muffled voices and all... But I guess it just needed a little drying time, cause now (I'm knocking) everything seems okay. So there you have it! Experience speaks...
But if its a less haphazard, more technical point of view you crave, then I've got a link for you!
If you are like me, you will probably end up rolling your eyes... But who knows, we may be learning something!

happy wishes!

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