Monday, February 26, 2007

Boys Don't Have Issues!!!

I was trying to build a train track, and he was taking it apart. Every time I could see the end in sight, my little friend "O", would decide to incorporate a new piece of track that would throw my whole design and put me back to where I had started. As he pressured me to add more and more I finally said, "hang on one second, we have issues". Wrong thing to say! His response was way beyond his four years. He looked at me, as only a frustrated guy can, and said... "Kiki (his name for me), don't tell me about issues. I don't want to hear about issues. Boys don't have issues!" By this point, he was more than a little testy. His eyes were narrowed and face contorted just enough to get his point across. He continued on to tell me that girls have the issues and never boys. I smiled, stifled a laugh and said, "you know what "O" I think you might be right!"
I think that boys might always think that girls are the ones with the issues... Even grown-up boys!
Never underestimate the truth of a 4 year old!

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