Monday, March 12, 2007

Monkey Tail & All!

She had been gnawing on the tail of her toy monkey all night, choking herself in the process... I kept telling her to stop. She wouldn't, so I finally gave up. The next morning I got up to Ma saying, "Liila is sick. She won't eat. All she has done is sleep and she threw up this big long black thing!" Ma had this dire look on her face, like the poor dog was soon to meet her end.
I kinda laughed as I said, a monkey tail?
Sure enough... The monkey no longer had a tail. Liila had eaten it. The monkey tail was in perfect condition in a paper towel in the trash can...Where it stayed. I am happy to report that Liila and monkey are both back to their happy bouncy selves!
Maybe a little too bouncy! This morning, Tom the cat, who also lacks a tail... the fault of a crazy mini-van driving woman, not Liila, had finally had enough of the puppy attacks and decided to attack back. I was awakened at 6am, by the frantic voice of Ma, who I have almost decided is a total drama queen, calling for me to come quick cause the dog is bleeding all over everything! I had only enough time to stumble out of bed before she was even more beside her self yelling "are you coming???". Yeah... I was on my way... give me a freakin' minute! So... I get into the sitting room and there was indeed bright red drops of blood everywhere! It was all over Ma, the dog, the floor, the chair, the curtains... I donno what they had been doing in there but it was a problem! Ma's face was contorted in horror as she attempted to hold down the dog who was sufficiently freaked out. She looked up at me exasperated as she proclaimed that she had no idea where the blood was coming from... From the looks of the scene, it could have been from anywhere!!! I looked and saw a big drop of blood on Liila's nose... Nope... That wasn't it.... Then I saw her ear. Yep, it was her ear. I was wiping away blood and applying pressure, Ma was exclaiming that now I had blood on me too! We were all covered in blood... Then I remembered the flour. Yep. Flour. Ma had read in her Dachshunds for Dummies Book (no joke, we are cat people), that when you cut a dogs toe nails too short you can dip them in flour to help it clot and stop the bleeding... So I held the dog, Ma retrieved the organic flour on a small paper plate, and we proceeded to batter the dogs ear. Then, on top of the blood, was flour. All over Ma, the dog, the chair, the curtains and me, was flour. The bleeding finally stopped, and we all got cleaned up. At some point during all of this I learned it was Tom snapping that had led us to this point and I have to say... I felt a sense of pride! He took her abuse for sooooo long and then he stood up for himself! Go Tom!

Poor Liila. She never did anything to deserve us.

happy wishes!

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