Sunday, September 30, 2007


"O", who is now 5, had to use the bathroom. This, he decided, after nearly causing an avalanche of fruit, trying to convince me to eat a strawberry that he had plucked from a display box, and generally touching every piece of produce in the small, over crowded market. We were approaching the fish counter, when he decided that he could not wait a minute more. So, I rearranged the groceries in my arms and took the ones that Ma had been carrying, so that she could escort him to the restroom. Before she left, we decided on the fish, and I waited patiently at the counter. As Ma and "O" start to walk away the lady behind the counter starts shouting "68"! "Number 68"? I looked around... I looked at Ma... I looked around again... There was no one at the counter, or the surrounding area, except me. I looked at the woman. I looked around. She looked at me, showing no intention of waiting on me, unless I was number 68. I felt like I was in some sort of bizarro TV world, but, with my arms full of groceries, I made my way to the take a number machine. I pulled a number, and what do ya know, I was number 68. Woo Hoo. What were the odds? I walked back to the counter. She looked at me. She took the paper, looked at the number, and said aloud, "68". Yep. Thats me. 68. She then turned and started walking away, and said, "I'll be with you in a minute".

happy wishes!

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