Thursday, January 24, 2008


"Hey, Ma, Why is Oliver out?" "And Tom?" "And Coco???"

This was my response when we arrived home yesterday and were greeted at the door by Oliver, and looked around to see Tom in his spot on the sofa, and Coco, in hers.
The cats lost privileges a while back, and now have to be closed up in the laundry room, with access to the garage, when we are not at home or are sleeping. They can not be trusted. So imagine our surprise the first time we came home to find them out and about. Yep. This was not the first time and I hesitate to think it to be the last. Our initial thoughts were that the door had been carelessly left ajar, enabling the escape, but then we came to realize, that Oliver, is a freedom fighter.
You can see it in his eyes. Determination. Pure Determination. The sweetest cat you could ever hope to meet, but with the strength of mind that you quickly learn to dread. For Oliver, a closed door is nothing but a challenge. The times he wins the battle, he and his friends roam the house freely. The times he does not, only leave him more determine the next.

Ben Harper sings it best:
"oppression, I won't let you near me
oppression, you shall learn to fear me".

Yes you will.

happy wishes!

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