Monday, March 2, 2009

Guaba... Guava? Guaba? & A Big Hunk Of Flatbread!

So today Ma and I decided to be a bit adventurous and try out a new bakery! Well, more Ma than me, seeing as her sweet tooth is much longer than mine, but I ate good all weekend, so I figured a little splurge was okay. Ma saw a write up in the newspaper that talked about the bakery, the family that runs it, the treats, and that was all it took. It is kosher, they don't use any dairy, which is good for me, or any nasty fatty additives, which is even better! We walked into the sparse bakery and were greeted by a friendly family and shelves of nice baked goods. Ma had read about the cupcakes so that was high on her list, and then a pastry caught her eye, so she decided to get both! The handwritten sign said "Guaba Pastry". Guaba? What is Guaba? Well, whatever. The guy behind the counter asked if she had ever had Guaba before, she smiled and said no, so he offered her a sample. (The sample alone was big enough to satisfy a craving.) Ma happily took the sample and took a small bite. hehehe... I could tell from the look on her face that it was not the taste that she was expecting. hehe... She was good and didn't spit it out, or say yuck, yuck, gag, gag. In fact, she did not say anything for a minute or two. heheh... When she did speak it was to say, hum, that is interesting. I don't believe I want that. The guy kind of laughed. (I'm not so sure that he likes it either.) Then she shoved it toward me and said with a big smile "here, taste this"! So I did. It wasn't bad. Huh. Guaba. Tastes like something I've had before... This is what I kept repeating as I tasted the gooey center of the pastry. He told us that it was a fruit popular in the Caribbean, and Ma decided that perhaps I had encountered it on some of our travels. But, no... This tasted like something I had in a drink. Sweet, sour and a bit bitter. I like it. It's odd, but I like it. Well, heck I guess it could have been a drink in the Caribbean... I donno.... But Guaba? Did they mean Guava? Now, I've had Guava. In fact, that may be the taste I am remembering! Is Guaba, Guava? Is Guava, Guaba? Are they related? Are they the same? Could that "b" have actually been a "v"? Am I just completely insane? Well, I don't know what to tell you about the Guaba. It was good. But as far as the Guava connection is concerned, I am at a loss. Meanwhile, Ma loved her cupcake and I enjoyed my black and white cookie. We also got a big beautiful hunk of flatbread to go with dinner. ($2.00 for a huge piece!) It looks so good that the barista who took our order in the drive thru at Starbucks, held up the line when she spotted it, just to find out where we got it! After you see the picture you might want to go too! Abraham's Bakery, on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga, TN near Hamilton Place Mall. Ma is already plotting her next trip, to get a raspberry filled treat she saw today, and to try a loaf of the fresh baked bread. It was a great bakery, with great prices, friendly people, and Guaba.

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