Monday, April 27, 2009


Last night, John and I, had a very nice meal at McCormick & Schmick's. I started with a spinach salad topped with walnuts, apples and goat cheese, followed by a nice piece of salmon roasted on a cedar plank, served with berry sauce, veggies and asparagus. It was very tasty and beautifully presented. John had a Greek salad and the halibut with veggies and rice noodles. Mine was better, but his was pretty good too! We passed on dessert and moseyed down to Philips Arena. We were there to see "The Boss", who now, apparently, is just "BBBRRRUUUCCCEEE". New one on me, but obviously I am the one out of the loop. John knew it, the guy sitting beside us who was working on his 91st Springsteen show knew it, but I guess I am stuck in a big bathroom, in the 80's, with my mom doing leg lifts and a whole exercise routine, while the Born In The USA tape blares in the background , cause I didn't know it. I thought he was still "The Boss". The 91st show guy asked what song we were hoping to hear and I so badly wanted to answer "Cover Me", but I didn't. I had a feeling that would be like saying that you were looking forward to hearing "Truckin'", to a Deadhead. I kept my mouth shut. Good thing too, cause I was out of my element for sure! He didn't play "Cover Me", or any of the other songs I remembered so fondly from my childhood. He did play "Born to Run" and that new song from the "Wrestler" movie that John likes so much, but as far as the songs that I could belt out word for word, not so much. But even so, the show was fun. Bruce has more energy than I could ever dream of having. He is in amazing shape and has the flexibility of a seasoned yogi! That man did a back bend to the floor and then up again that would have done Britney Spears proud! Go you Bruce, you will always be "The Boss" to me!

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