Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Whatever looks like a dog hasn't peed on it."

This was the response that Ma gave me when I inquired as to what part of the rosemary I should cut from to add to our dinner. Yeah, instills a lot of confidence, huh. Well, we have a new dog in the neighborhood and for some odd reason, that dog insist on coming to pee on our rosemary! It is horrible! I am mortified each and every time I see him do it! Thankfully, he tends to stick to one little spot, but still! Yuck!!! But he is a young, happy, carefree dog who pays my dirty looks no mind at all. I can yell, I can wave my arms around, I can stomp my feet... Nothing. He just smiles. He is really cute. He is a happy dog, who, incidentally, smells of rosemary.

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