Monday, June 29, 2009

Classic Cocktails

I am very fortunate to have inherited a vast and varied, collection of vintage cookbooks and recipe books. I adore them! Everything about them! The worn pages, the fonts, the sometimes extremely random ingredients, the visions I get of, what I prefer to believe was, a more idyllic time. A more civilized time. A time where manners mattered, and people dressed for dinner. My vision of this time is never complete without a cocktail. Luckily, my grandparents agreed, and thus I have some rather nifty vintage barware and a nice assortment of random promotional cocktail recipe pamphlets, like the one pictured below that was put out by Southern Comfort in 1978! This baby is as old as I am!

The "After Five Happy Hours Barguide" lists the top 20 drinks, and recipes, used by "famous bars, restaurants and nitespots". The recipes are delightfully simple, lacking the modern day pretension of acai berries and expensive bottles of spirits. Grey Goose and cranberry juice with lots of lime wedges aside, I am most definitely a classic cocktail kind of gal!
These truly classic recipes were ranked by popularity at the time, in this order:
1. Dry Martini
2. Bloody Mary
3. Manhattan
4. Whisky Sour
5. Screwdriver
6. Gin 'N Tonic
7. Tom Collins
8. Margarita
9. Daiquiri
10. Old Fashioned
11. Gimlet
12. Black Russian
13. Tequila Sunrise
14. Pina Colada
15. Bacardi cocktail
16. Rob Roy
17. Rum 'N Coke
18. Harvey Wallbanger
19. Stinger
20. Sombrero

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