Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Whole Can of Nuts

I am not a fan of the Publix brand salted mixed nuts with peanuts. I like Kroger's brand of salted mixed nuts with peanuts, they are good. Kroger's Private Selection nuts are best, but they are also more expensive. Actually, a mix of the Kroger mixed nuts with peanuts and the Private Selection deluxe mixed nuts is my absolute favorite...but anyway, I digress. Point is, I do not care for the ones from Publix. The majority of the can is filled with peanuts and those peanuts are not very good. The almonds have a smoky flavor that I am not a fan of, the pecans are nonexistent and the cashews are sparse and tiny. The only thing this can of nuts had going for it was the salt, which was abundant. So here we are with this can of nuts (Ma doesn't like them either) that we don't want to waste, but don't really care to eat...not in their current state anyway. Then it hit me. What these nuts needed was chocolate! Of course!
So I melted some Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate, mixed in a little Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme, and then stirred in the whole can of nuts (well, minus the ones we had already eaten). I didn't have any little candy cups, so I used the ones for cupcakes instead, placed them in a muffin tray and then in I dipped the nutty globs of chocolate goodness. Problem solved. Well, that one anyway. Now we have 12 massive (cupcake sized) chocolate nut clusters just sitting around... Dang that can of nuts!


Publix brand mixed nuts with peanuts make absolutely delicious chocolate nut clusters! The abundance of salt, the sweetness of the chocolate... Oh my, they are good!

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