Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Pet rescue. We Deliver."

I didn't think about what I was wearing before I threw the car in park and made my way down a patch of landscaped lawn, on a busy road, right in the middle of town. Not that it would have changed things, but it truly is something to think about before you leave the house. Ma, Liila, and I were just going to a drive-thru for tea (nothing fancy, no need to change), until we saw him. A little Chihuahua, dragging a cord, panting, very close to a major (well major for us) intersection, clearly needed our help! Tons of cars passed, looked at him and kept driving. When I could, I changed lanes, and circled back around to where he was pacing. Before I could get out, Liila started barking like crazy, almost sending the lost little guy into the busy road. Ma and I gasped, rolled up the windows and I hopped out. Unlike "Poodle", this run away was not so sure about me. When I spoke to him, he smiled, but he looked at me with uncertainty. As I was perched there, on the nice green manicured lawn, on the side of the busy road, in the middle of town, talking to this strange little dog, I could feel the eyes upon me. And rightly so. They could not have missed me. There I was, in sharp contrast to the nice green grass, in bright pink, stretched out, Juicy Couture pants, that had belonged to Ma several years ago, a white tee shirt, a string of Tahitian pearls, unbrushed hair, not a drop of makeup and my little Louis Vuitton bag strapped across me, like some sort of disheveled fashion reject who couldn't settle on a dressing theme, trying to coax a strange Chihuahua closer, and having no idea what I would do with him when I got him. When he finally decided that I didn't seem to pose a threat he came closer and I picked up the cord he was dragging. A nice lady stopped and poured our little friend some water, he was timid at first and then drank a good bit before deciding to lick me and plop in my lap. Meanwhile, Ma, who has dubbed herself clairvoyant or psychic, she can't decide, (for your free reading dial 1.800.shecrazy) had a vision of this Chihuahua's life, across the street, in the house, on the hill, in the woods, behind the Steak 'n Shake, so we loaded him into the car, (I had to let her know the Psychic one) and made our way up a wooded driveway where she jumped out and headed for the door with determination. I was a bit unsure of the whole thing. She knocked. She waited. She rang the bell. She began to fidget. I saw a guy, holding a small child, peak out of the back door and I waved to get Ma's attention. I saw them talking and seemingly getting nowhere, as the man did not appear to speak English, so I got out with the dog to try and show him what she was going on and on about. Sure enough, a look of recognition crossed the man's face, he said something we could not understand, took the dog, inspected his cord, said "ah" and then called the dog what I thought was "Beijing" (though I agree, that makes no sense, seeing as the man appeared to be Hispanic), before he started saying "thank you" many times and headed toward his door. "Beijing" looked back, as if to say "damn it, it is Independence Day, why the hell did you bring me back?" or maybe just "bye guys, thank you!" Then they headed off into the sunset (okay not really, more like the back yard, but whatever), and we drove away wondering where it was we were headed in the first place. Not so clairvoyant after all huh, Ma. Well, I guess you were right about the house, on the hill, in the woods, behind the Steak 'n Shake.

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